The minimum Special Order quantity is 3 pounds, however, we offer a 15% discount on that order! The regular price per pound for organic coffee is $14.50.  Your Special Order price for three pounds is $36.95 plus the cost of shipping to your location. 

The price for Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated is $15.75 per pound. Your Special Order price would be $39.95 plus shipping.

To order, please click on the Organic/Fair Trade link on the left. Organic coffees can be ordered using the shopping cart, HOWEVER, you will need to note in the shopping cart "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS/COMMENTS" section what type of coffee you are ordering.

If you have questions, please send us an email service@northcoastcoffee.com.

List of Certified Organic Fair Trade Coffees offered:

  • Organic Colombian - Fair Trade
  • Organic Brazilian - Fair Trade
  • Organic Peru - Fair Trade
  • Organic Mexican - Fair Trade
  • Organic Guatemalan SHB - Fair Trade
  • Organic Costa Rican - Fair Trade
  • Organic Nicaraguan - Fair Trade
  • Organic Sumatran - Fair Trade
  • Organic New Guinea - Fair Trade
  • Organic Timor - Fair Trade
  • Organic House Blend - Fair Trade
  • Organic House Blend Dark - Fair Trade
  • Organic House Blend Full City Roast - Fair Trade
  • Organic French Roast - Fair Trade
  • Organic Italian Roast - Fair Trade

List of Decaffeinated Certified Organic Fair Trade - Swiss Water Process:

  • Decaf Organic Mexican SWP- Fair Trade
  • Decaf Organic Peru SWP- Fair Trade
  • Decaf Organic Sumatran SWP- Fair Trade
  • Decaf Organic House Blend SWP- Fair Trade
  • Decaf Organic French SWP- Fair Trade