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How Long Should You Grind Coffee?

The type of coffee maker you use should determine the length of time that the coffee is in the grinder. Less time in the grinder means a "coarser" ground coffee. If the grind isn't right for your type of maker, it won't make coffee that tastes like it should. In some cases, the maker may even become clogged.

For normal drip makers (the kind most people have), do a medium grind of about 15 to 20 seconds. Gently shake the grinder a few times to make sure all the beans get ground.

For espresso machines the grind should be between a medium and fine grind, or 20 to 25 seconds in the grinder. Too long and it may get clogged, to short and the espresso will be watery and weak.

The best grind for coffee makers with a cone filter is a fine grind. Grind the coffee for at least 25 to 30 seconds. A fine grind is also used on vacuum pot coffee makers.

If you have a French Press, grind the coffee for approximately 10 to 12 seconds for a coarse grind.