STEP 2: Join Mike's Coffee Crew

Join Mike's Coffee Crew

Almost done - CHOOSE a grinder and then click on your brower's back button to finish your instructions to us.

After you have ordered 2 pounds of coffee from our general store (it will show up in your shopping cart), then select the free coffee grinder.

Add a FREE Coffee Grinder to your Shopping Cart...

Home Coffee GrinderOne Home Coffee Grinder... (be sure to click back button after you add it to your cart)


NOW, let us know what type of coffee you want for your first scheduled Crew shipment. These will be added to your cart - but at NO COST for today - it merely tells us what you want in the future. Make sure to note the frequency of your shipments. You can choose up to 4 different coffees in your rotation. For example, three weeks from today we would send you Columbian Supremo, three weeks after that Costa Rican, and so forth. The rotation frequency would normally be the same for all your rotations.

AT ANY TIME all you have to do is send us an email to change the type of coffees, the frequency or even put your Crew shipments on hold.

IF YOU would like to have, for example, 2 pounds of Mexican sent to you every 4 weeks, simply change the button under Mexican to 4 weeks and add it to your cart twice. Click the back button to add it a second time. Remember, there is no cost for these coffees today - you are simply telling us what you want in the future.

Ethiopian Harrar


Ethiopian Sidamo


Kenya AA


Tanzanian Peaberry


Zimbabwean AA


Celebes Kalossi


Hawaiian Kauai Peaberry


Hawaiian Kona Fancy


Java Estate


Sumatran Mandheling


Costa Rican Tarrazu


Guatemalan Antigua


Jamaican Blue Mountain


Mexican Pluma Altura


Panama Boquete


Brazilian Cerrado


Colombian Supremo


Colombian Excelso


French Roast


House Blend


Italian Roast


Mocha Java


Decaf Columbia Supremo


Decaf French Roast


Decaf House Blend


Decaf Kenya


Decaf Mocha Java


Decaf Sumatran