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On a per pound basis, shipping costs are more affordable when ordering 2# instead of 1# of coffee. Depending upon your location, typical shipping costs for 1# of coffee could be $8.25, but only $9.25 when 2# are ordered and just $10.25 when 3# are ordered.

For orders of 3# or more of the same coffee, we will discount the coffee 15%. Your 15% discount will NOT show up in your shopping cart but we WILL take 15% OFF your coffee purchase when you buy 3 or more of Decaf French Roast SWP.


Decaf French Roast (Swiss Water Processed)

French RoastAs many as four or five different coffees are blended prior to roasting. The most popular of the dark roasts, it is a full-bodied coffee creating a sharp, somewhat charred flavor and a slightly bittersweet aftertaste.

$15.75 per pound