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Here is where we give you the opportunity to read what others have said about North Coast Coffee.

  "I have never received a shipment that was less than outstanding. . . ."

I was reading through the comments section and thought that as a very long time member of Mike's Crew a few remarks are in order. I think I have been drinking your coffee for about 10 years now and I have never received a shipment that was less than outstanding. That being said I would be hard pressed to say which is better, the coffee or the customer service. More>>

- Bill from Newport, OR

"My taste buds start dancing. . ."

"This is 'Hello again', from an extremely satisfied customer! My taste buds start dancing the minute I sign on to your site! ... I wanted to say, again, how much I enjoy North Coast's coffee. You all have 'ruined' me for any other and I love it!"  

- Colleen from Moreno Valley, CA

"The best coffee I have ever tasted."

"I just wanted to let someone in your company know how I feel about your coffee. I received my first order, a pound of Kenya AA 4 days after it was roasted. I ground some and gave it a try, thinking it couldn't be all that much better than the other coffees I've tried in my search for THE PERFECT CUP. Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong. It was smooth, winey, full-bodied, and not a HINT of bitterness. It is, without a doubt, the best coffee I have ever tasted. I want to thank you all for a superlative product."

- Teri from NC

"As good as you say it is. . ."

"We love your coffee and the way it arrived. It is as good as you say it is. ... Thank you."

- Gordon from Stuart, FL

"My husband won't drink anyone else's coffee."

"I would like to tell you guys at North Coast thanks for getting our coffee here in one day. My husband couldn't wait for it to get here. We go through a pound a week. When we go out my husband won't drink anyone else's coffee. If he plans on having any [coffee] he makes me take some of our coffee. It's the best. THANKS."  

-Tammy from Findlay, OH

"Here's my "testimonial"

It is said that "confession is good for the soul." So, here is my "confession" about my experience with North Coast Coffee.  I first joined Mike's Coffee Crew in order to receive the free coffee grinder for use as a Christmas present! Then, I had my first taste of my North Coast Coffee beans and could not wait until my next shipment! Each bag of freshly roasted beans has lived up to its description on the website and in the brochure published by North Coast Coffee.  Then, I had a pound stolen form my mailbox.  When I called North Coast Coffee, my problem was resolved creatively and quickly. We agreed on a new shipping address so, that someone with sticky fingers would not be enjoying my coffee any longer ( I would have gladly sent them one of North Coast Coffee's free sample packs if only they had asked ) and my pound of missing coffee was promptly replaced.  It is not often that one finds a quality product at a reasonable price with superior customer service -- but that is what I have found at North Coast Coffee! Bravo! 

- Jim - A delighted coffee drinker in North Carolina

"I'm confident that I am getting the freshest coffee possible."

"I started a coffee club at Harcourt in Orlando a few months ago. After trying the standard "Gourmet" brands of coffee; Starbucks, Barnies, Green Mountain, etc., I hit upon North Coast on the Internet. I tried one pound a week as an experiment. It went over so big with the club, that you have become our primary supplier. With any type of coffee that I order, I'm confident that I am getting the freshest coffee possible. As our club increased in size, I plan to increase the frequency and diversity of our order. Thanks for delivering the best tasting coffee at a very reasonable price. Please send me the hazelnut flavor. Say thanks to Big Mike for us." 

- Roy from Orlando, FL

"mmmm. . . GOOD!"

NCC: Colleen, we would like to ask you if we could use your nice comments on our website. Particularly the part where you said, "mmmm....GOOD! I love your French Roast, it's better than chocolate!"

Colleen: "Sure, I meant them. Anything that good deserves accolades! I used to wonder what chocoholics meant when they said they "had to have it." I like chocolate but I don't 'love' it. Now....with the French Roast, mmmm....mmmm....mmmmm. Who needs dessert? I had no idea coffee could taste so satisfying! Yum!

  - Colleen from Moreno Valley, CA

"I am recommending your company to my friends."

"I am impressed both with the quality of the coffee and the service. I am recommending your company to my friends" 

- Cindy from Front Royal, VA

"Just the smell of fresh roasted coffee is tantalizing"

 -Mary Frances from Ashburn, VA

"If service is always like this, I will be a loyal customer of your company for a long time."

  - Kenneth from Old Bridge, NJ

"It's very good, we'll be back." 

- Jim from Ridgefield, WA

"Perfectly roasted, fresh, and flavorful."

"I've tried a couple of other mail order coffee stores ... and was duly unimpressed. ... I was very glad to see that your roasters know that some coffees need a light roast to preserve the flavor. Thought I'd take this opportunity to let you how much I appreciate having you guys around. The Kona I ordered from you was just excellent. Perfectly roasted, fresh and flavorful. I love Kona and have a hard time getting it in Enid, mostly some cheap blends that are often over roasted. You've made getting it real easy. Hey, while I'm thinking about, I better hop over to your site and order some more. Thanks for the great job you do." 

- Larry from Enid, OK

"The coffee is wonderful just as you say! Keep up the good work!"

 - Grant from Dexter, GA

"Some of the best coffee I ever tasted."

" I am afraid that the effects of recent roasting may be lost on my tainted palette, but it did make me feel especially pampered. The pricing is very competitive with local outlets, what few that there are." 

- Bob from Oklahoma City, OK

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