Want to Know Where to Buy Fresh Coffee Beans?

Right here with Our Coffee Company!

Why Buy Fresh Coffee Beans From Us?

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"Why should you buy from North Coast Coffee Company?" We thought you'd never ask...


Fresh Coffee Beans Roasted to Order

North Coast Coffee is a small family-owned coffee mail order business. Our coffee quality is consistently better than 99% of any grocer's "gourmet" brand.  We start with good coffee beans (as do many of the grocers), but our online coffee is roasted for your order. It doesn't sit on a shelf for weeks and weeks (or longer) like in the grocers. Our goal is roast your coffee the day before it is shipped to you. When you open the bag, the aroma is truly incredible! We generally roast only once a week on Monday and then ship on Tuesday. Weekends are the best time to place your order for the Monday roast.

Our Online Coffee Company Service

Our online coffee company service to you is to make your life a little easier by bringing fresh coffee directly to your home or office. It can be automatic with Mike's Coffee Crew or you can order when you feel like it, that's up to you. In any case, we'll provide you with a secure Internet server, e-mail notification of your order, US Priority Mail or FedEx shipping, and helpful, friendly customer service when you need it.  We will never share or sell any information regarding our customers.

Of course,  the Internet allows us to bring a level of service and efficiency to coffee commerce that has never before existed.  As nice as it is to actually talk with a person when you place an order, that person's time costs money and that cost shows up in the price of your coffee. At North Coast we are happy to talk to you if you need it, but most of the time, you don't really need it. Our Internet page is easy to follow and you can order your coffee without anyone's help.

Fresh Coffee Bean Prices


Finally, take a look at our prices. Compare our prices with most on-line coffee "stores" and you'll find that we are very reasonable.   Sure you will save some money if you buy your coffee from the grocers because you won't have to pay shipping and you're already there. We understand that. BUT the coffee you get there was not roasted for you.

And, yes we all need to tighten our belts these days, but a pound of coffee with make 7 to 10 coffee pots and each coffee pot will give 6 to 10 cups. We think that roasted-to-order coffee is worth it!

What's in a good cup of coffee?


What's in a good cup of coffee? Here's where I wish I were a really good writer. Hey I know what, here is where I offer a free pound of coffee to anyone who writes this for me. I think we'll have a contest to see who can do the best job - and the winner will get a prize and credit on the page. Yes probably just another pound of coffee, but what's in a good cup of coffee (starting, obviously, with fresh coffee beans).

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